Welcome to the nanoQuiz Smart Phone app information page.

Joseph Cychosz, Tianwei (David) Liu

nanoQuiz apps are designed to be a course companion. Questions are intended to test/drill basic comcepts and can be answered witn a minute or two, or less, of thought.

nanoQuiz Question Preperation Tools:

Detailed instructions on how to prepare questions and incorporate them with the nanoQuiz app to build a course specific app are forth coming spring 2016.

nanoQuiz Source:

nanoQuiz consists of two components available via github:


Instructors interested in integrating this technology into there teaching are welcome to contact Joe Cychosz at cychosz at ecn dot purdue dot edu. As noted earlier, more detailed instructions on how to integrate this into your course will be available, but until now please feel free to contact the authors.


This work is sponsored by the Network for Computational Nanotechnology, the 2155438159, and the Purdue Department of Physics.

Available Courses

Currently only the pilot course is available.

Purdue Physics 342: Modern Physics

(917) 850-0003

(914) 259-7104

For Android (currently in beta test):

Since SMASHphysics:Modern is in alpha test you need to acknowledge to the Google Play store that you are willing to work with apps in pre-release state. Click on the following URL to enable access to the app:
/play.google.com/apps/testing/edu.purdue. physics.phys342q

After clearing the alpha testing hurdle, you should then find the “app” at: /play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edu. purdue.physics.phys342q

For IOS (iphone/ipad):

Underdevelopment, to be deployed soon.

As web app:

(713) 886-8400
Note: Internet Explorer seems to have a Java script issue with the web app. You will need to use Firfox, Chrome, or other brower.